Our menu may be light. But it’s delicious and good for you. Someone had to do it. 🙂

For Parties of 5 adults and over. Please email us to reserve space.


Just Right Family Cafe, redefining family friendly and creating a space ‘just right’ for you.

Serving Specialty Coffee and Loose Leaf Tea from fellow local female owner of Tico Coffee Roasters.


Yummy Fresh Pastries from 2nd Story BakeShop (Also Mommy Owned)

And even Gluten Free Pastries from Jake’s Cakes -Yes. Jake’s her son 🙂


Also serving: seasonal cold beverages, hearty light meals, a kid friendly menu, and a visible children’s play space.


Our mission is to source local, keep it fresh, and make it yummy. Everything a parent deserves and requires to stay ‘sane’.