The “Un” Official Starting Line

Wow. Today marks day one of officially getting things in order. After a ton of research. A ton of professional advice. A ton of fear overcome with personal passion and the loving support of my wonderful husband. I am proud to say that this is only the beginning.

After officially registering the name with the State of California. It felt like a good time to begin working on the JRFC website as well as other items including a crowdfunding pledge, a marketing plan and administrative tasks such as the “Food Allergy Procedure” so as to help keep risks at bay. Thus. Here I am. 🙂 Blogging for the very first time ever. Unless Facebook counts…

As I am talking to no one but myself for the time being… I  sure hope no one will look at me funny. 😅 Oh well, I will continue as if talking to my new bf. 😉

So… Tomorrow is Valentines Day. 💖 However, since having kids, there have been very little celebration of the holiday over the years, so I do not expect much. 🤔 I am sure many mom’s feel the same way. Babysitters can be expensive after-all.  😭

That’s O.K. though, because, tomorrow is special for another reason. The girls and I are going SITE HUNTING!!! After reviewing at least 20 different sites on paper, it is exciting to know that I will have the opportunity to visit 4 very different spaces tomorrow that could possibly be THE spot for J.R.F.C. I cannot wait. 😆

Some, are probably wondering why I would bring the girls with me. Including my tenant broker, whose face I am very anxious to see when they show up with me.😂

My answer is simple. I want to see how they react to the space. After-all, they tend to be an unbiased and reliable source…. BWAHAHAHA jk. Jk.🤣 What could a 3 year old and 9 month old tell me? Seriously.

Simply put, I just want to see how big the space is by having my two very energetic kids run about it for awhile. If they seem small in the space, that will be a good sign. Oh, and as mentioned before… babysitters are expensive.😉 

So. This marks the end of entry one of J.R.F.C. Blog. (I hope I didn’t bore you.) 

Sending lots of love to those who truly need it. And even those who don’t, my heart is big enough for even you.


-Jessica (Call me Jess from now on)

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