Finding Just Right, that “Perfect” home


only. 😒

This week was both exciting, confusing, and exhausting. Thanks crazy weather.

The first day of site hunting I found that I loved 1 out of 4 spaces… go figure. Of course, it turned out to be the first site we visited. 🤔

More importantly it was a beautiful day and the girls and I enjoyed being out of the house. So we did more than just site visits. Parks, library and lunch. It was a full day. 💗💗💗

Went site hunting three days later, completely different story. 🌧 Saw two spaces. One was a good contender, the other looked like the scene after a brutal murder. 💔

It was gross. 🤢

(Of course, I would bring the girls into the murder scene, they stayed in the car during the first site due to great timing and backdoor parking😩)

Ok… let me explain for all of you who are judging… 😑

#1: Super heavy rain and Wallykazam on my phone in order to make the toddler feel comfortable. Yes, I asked her which she preferred, which is a first. I don’t usually leave a 3 year old in the car. But the baby was asleep and I knew I would be gone for 5 – 10 minutes tops. I think I was gone for maybe 8 minutes.

#2 and most importantly. I could see my car from every angle of the space and yes, I knew this would be the case which is why I parked where I did. 😜

I aint no fool.

I don’t even leave my girls in the car by themselves to run in to pay for gas. And that’s usually like, what, 30 seconds… 1 minute if there is a line. Thank goodness for credit cards and walk up stands, otherwise I would have had some very close calls way back when.

This is why it is important to me that Just Right have site lines. I want you to feel comfortable at all times. What IS your child is up to at that very moment you decide you want to know. Now that’s peace of mind. 🙃

I wonder if people realize how much freedom they truly take for granted before kids. I mean. You can’t even go to the restroom by yourself anymore. 😐 What’s up with that? And don’t fool yourself. It’s rarely during nap time. Especially if your kids are like mine and just want to be cuddled during nap time. I love it… but boy, could those dishes use a washing. 🤗

Whoa… talk about a tangent… Needless to say. I am a confused mess right now, oh well, I know I will figure it out… I will update soon with my decision, I say this to currently no one, weird. 🤔  Best wishes “no one” can’t wait to finally put a face to you. 😋



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