Need for Perfection

How often in our lives have we thought; I need to be perfect. I want to find Mr. Perfect. My kids will be perfect. My house will be perfect. Perfection. “Perfection at it’s finest”

But is anything ever perfect? Really truly? I think the reason I chose the name Just Right was because setting up the expectation that my cafe will be perfect by calling it Perfect Family Cafe, just sounds so………………………. bad……….. 🤔 It’s not that I want the perfect place. I want a space to feel comfortable, to give you that breathing room you need as a human being. That space that feels “Just right” It’s going to be pretty hard just to do something like this as it’s rarely been done before to this extent. So pretty please be patient with me. 😵

Don’t get me wrong. I will strive for the “perfect product, perfect service, perfect everything.” But being human. I know this is not often the case. Even as I work with professionals who have done their jobs for over 10 years, they are not perfect.

I went over my first construction documents I’ve ever gone over in all of my 28 years, and yep, there were a lot of mistakes. 😅 The most funny one’s were the spelling mistakes, Accessible Bath in stead of Accessible Path. Exit Doo, instead of Exit Door.  Things of this nature. I felt I should probably just ignore correcting most of these and just concentrated on the things that I thought mattered. Even so, there were still a lot of mistakes, questions, concerns, etc. My husband wasn’t impressed. (He’s a nerdy🤓 engineer who goes over schematics and designs with a fine tooth comb. He’s cute though, best man I could have ever asked for😍.)

But to me. It just made me feel like, I was actually doing something. Haha. I mean, how boring would it be to go over a 41 page document and not find a single mistake? I would question myself if that were the case. “Did I do that right?” “Did I really look, or did I scan, maybe my mind was else where when I looked at that section?” Maybe I’m so ignorant in all of this that I should just ok everything, even if it doesn’t feel right” None of those sound good huh? 😑

So, mistakes happen. Even getting the health permits approved. You would think as an architect who works in Santa Clara, they would know everything the health department requires without a single mistake. Nope, floor material, not approved, ceiling material, not approved, not approved this, not approved that…. it’s nuts. Aren’t these things they should know if their focus are restaurants and such? Eh. Problem with working with the government, things change regularly, got to make money somehow. 😓

Anyways, I lost track of my original thought. Perfection. Trying to obtain perfection. Expecting perfection from others. Once you have kids, you realize. This is all just a fantasy. From the minute your child is born, they have a mind of their own. They set their own schedule, wake, sleep, poop, sing, when they want to. It’s ok, you will bend to it. haha. 😅 Eventually you get to control them a little more, but they will still test you until that moment they realize, you’re right. You know everything that they do. YOU ARE MOM!!! haha. (I’m still waiting for my 3 year old to realize this. I think she has figured it out with Dad already) 😭 Is it bad to be jealous of your husband? haha… (He is cute though) 

-Hearts and blessings to all!


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