Hitting the Ground Already Running

Obviously, when one starts their own business there is no easy way to segway into it. You literally hit the ground and have to have already started running. Customers want to be satisfied on their first visit. Second visit. Third visit….100th visit. It can’t be helped. 

We are at a time where our wants and desires can be satisfied in a number of various ways. Including delivery. Delivery is no longer limited to pizza, and if you were in a big city, Chinese. With the introduction of doordash, grub hub and even uber trying to make its way into the food delivery industry. We are finding it harder and harder to justify a customer paying us a visit. 

This is why getting it right every time. Making our customers not only feel welcomed, but also appreated is very important to me. 

I don’t want to be another franchise just looking to make a quick dollar. I want to start a new trend. One where families from all walks of life form villages. It truly takes a village to raise a child.🙆 The reason this is true is because our children are influenced by so much more than just the parent. They are influenced by everyone from the moment they enter the same space. Whether it is an occasional occurance or a once in a lifetime meeting. That meeting left an impression on your child. Good. Bad. Doesn’t matter. For those 20 minutes or more, as my child played with yours there was a bond that was formed. I for one hope it was a positive one. That my child made your child feel welcomed by calling him or her friend from the second they laid eyes on one another. That your child had enough patience to endure my childs need to feel welcomed as well. 

These meet ups matter. Just like it matters to me how you feel when you walk into my establishment and how I made you feel just before you walked out. Although I would like to say that every time would be perfect and that every customer would be perfect. I am not a fool. I understand that we all have bad days. I understand that some customers just don’t care… But I can’t say that even if you are having a bad day that I would tolerate your hurting my employees feelings or offending a fellow customer. After all. As a business owner, I reserve the right to refuse service to anyone. It will probably be at that moment that I wish there was a yelp for customers. Lol. Wouldn’t that be something. 

I just hope that as a family run business. That we all form a unique bond unlike any other establishment. That would be absolutely amazing.😄


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