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Just want to do it Right

So. Recently I began to realize that I could really do a lot with the space I have been blessed enough to come into. Not only for myself. But for others. I began to think about what that could be. What can I do to really make JRFC feel different from your typical establishment. Sure. We can host your kids while you get to take a breather. But, perhaps that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Side story – It appears that a lot of my “brilliant” ideas occur first thing in the morning, like 4am morning. I guess after a rare good’s night sleep my mind decides it really wants to be useful. 🤷 Pre-children brilliance is what I like to think of it as. (Yes, my techy nerdy husband is not the only smart one in this relationship. 😉)

Back to my original story. – One morning it hit me. I need a baker, yes. But why only settle on one? Why only limit it to professional bakers and do it the typical way where only Just Right benefits and that baker goes home with just a paycheck? What about all those bakers who try to open their own establishment, but fail because it is just so expensive to do so. And without a proper clientele, it will fail before it has a chance to get off the ground.

That’s when my brain went berserk. I mean I don’t know what my initial email to my advisory staff was like, but I’m sure they must have been very confused after initially reading it. “What the heck did this chick come up with this time?” 🤦 Hahaha.

I have found that I do come up with some pretty unique ideas. But reality always stops me in my tracks. This time. I wanted to defy reality. So I am pretty sure I said something along the lines of. “I know this sounds crazy. BUT I am going to make this happen! Help!!!” 😅 Sorry. I love you! (You know who you are!)

Anyways. Flash forward – After talking with them. The local culinary school. The health department. As well as anyone willing to listen. Here is what I came up with…

A rotational baker program that utilizes local talent and gives them credit for it.

Sounds simple enough. But there are requirements. Obviously. Your product has to taste good. Go figure. 🙆 (Though my taste may be different than others, so having a range of judges is a must.)

However, I think the most important element is that all you need is a CFO permit B license. As of now. I know you can obtain one in both Santa Clara and Santa Cruz County. I’m not sure if other counties have one. I’m not sure if anyone would want to travel too Campbell to deliver products.

If you don’t mind. Do not hesitate to ask. I will be happy to look into it for you. 

Now. I wonder. Did I leave you wanting more? 🤗

I hope so. 😁

So. What is the overall idea of putting something like this in place? –

Aside from the exposure it can offer to many. I think it will allow individuals to do something that money often doesn’t allow them to do. Nor time. This is why I want to host a different number of bakers at once on an everyday basis. You’d only have to supply a small amount of products and can sign up for an every other month, semi-week, rotational period. Whatever your schedule allows you to do. This program allows me to be flexible BECAUSE it is open to so many.

Which leads us to our next point

Anyone is welcome to apply.

Stay at home mom’s who love to bake and want to earn a little money for themselves.

Soon to be graduates of any culinary program who are  looking to build their portfolio’s, gather a following, and learn hands on what it takes to make a product that people WANT to purchase.

Same for those who have graduated, even if their major had nothing to do with culinary, but perhaps they discovered their passion too late. 🤔 It happens more often than you think. 

As long as that person is willing to follow the guidelines that the County’s Health Department has put in place to keep consumers safe. I welcome them. I want them. I want to put love back into baking, for customers. 💞

I wish I could bake well enough myself. But I am one of those free spirits who thinks original recipes can always use a little something more. Haha. (I love that cooking allows me to do this.)

Anyways. I hope this really peaks everyone’s interest. I think it should prove to be a huge difference in what will set us apart from the beginning.

If you’d like to know more. Please do not hesitate to email us. Or leave a comment below.

Thanks for reading! – JESS ✌JRFC Bakers Needed Flyer

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