What’s Important

So I have been struggling with the idea that as a mom, the hats we wear are never ending. I’m not just a stay at home mom anymore, but I still have to manage my children as if I were. Running in and out of the cafe suddenly to pick up my child who will be waiting for me after day camp or school can seem a bit unprofessional to customers who may not have the chance to chat with me. But it’s what I have to do to keep the image of bad mother from popping in my head too often.

I want to do it all. Be a great mom. Be a great wife. Be an inspiring Christian. Be an awesome friend. Bring encouragement to customers who need it most. Run a successful business.

It’s not always in that order. Sometimes I feel like I’ve forgotten one in exchange for the other. Sometimes I just want to forget about doing any of those and escape into self-mode, in hopes of catching a breather from keeping up with everything. I come out of those moments feeling a bit guilty though because it means I’ve neglected something that’s more important than myself. (Mom Occupation Hazard – We think everything is more important than ourselves.)

I am pretty positive that anyone who goes into business for themselves handle it in 1 of 2 ways.

1. Forget the important things outside of their business, or

2. Try to manage it all.

Those who succeed are probably those who drop everything for their business. But as a mom. If I were to do that, the whole family could fall apart. So I HAVE to do the latter. Maybe dad’s have it easier because whether they work for themselves or someone else. They are typically in charge of that one task. (Lack of multitasking skills most exhibit probably can a test to this.) I’ve been blessed as of late because I do have a not only my husband chipping in more, but my mom has been a lifesaver and my sister has been a phenomenal contributor in the management of the cafe so I can actually balance that side of things. But is it enough?

Sometimes I think I need an experienced business partner to really get the cafe to reach it’s potential. Sometimes I think I would rather partner with a particular establishment, like a church or something, so that I can offer more than just mental relief for parents, but also real counseling, whether parental, marriage, or , do more for the growing number of homeless individuals, hire volunteers who WANT to truly give back to the community.

The biggest downside to having so much help from my family is that we are all living on top of each other. So now I am in charge of more than just the cafe. But making sure there is peace in the home. That my husband isn’t overwhelmed from the sheer magnitude of bodies in our home. My children not getting their own place to roam, though honestly they seem to prefer to sleep in our bed, they just have this “mine” complex that complicates matters.

What can I say except. Welcome to my 30s!  Thursday is right around the corner. 🙂

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